Plant of the Month — March 2018

Martensia denticulata Harv.

Find out more about Martensia denticulata Harv.

Martensia denticulata (Toothed Martensia) is a delicate, membranous red seaweed that can be found in shallow water on relatively high energy coasts in the Perth region. The genus is one of the more unusual and attractive of the red algae, as it produces a netlike region from the margins of a solid blade, with the two regions occasionally alternating. Thalli of Martensia denticulata are a pale pink colour, but often have a bluish tinge when viewed underwater. The spherical structures visible in the photo are reproductive structures that arise after the female plants have been fertilized.

Martensia belongs the family Delesseriaceae, a widespread red algal family that includes numerous spectacular seaweeds, most prolifically in colder seas but many species can also be found in the tropics.

Photo: J. Huisman

Find out more about Martensia denticulata Harv.

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