Plant of the Month — April 2018

Dioscorea hastifolia Endl. — Warrine

Find out more about Dioscorea hastifolia Endl.

Dioscorea hastifolia (Warrine) is a dioecious (with separate male and female plants), tuberous, twining vine growing to 3 m high. Sprays of small, yellow flowers are produced from April to July.

Endemic to WA, Warrine often grows in granitic and basaltic soil in open forest, woodland and shrub communities. It occurs from south of Perth to Shark Bay and inland to the wheat-belt.

Warrine produces cylindroidal tubers, sometimes known as native yams, that grow to 10-25 cm long and were eaten raw or lightly roasted by local Aboriginal groups.

The genus Dioscorea contains roughly 600 species, which are mostly distributed in the tropics but some occur in temperate zones.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Dioscorea hastifolia Endl.

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