Plant of the Month — September 2018

Calandrinia quartzitica Obbens

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Calandrinia quartzitica is a newly described species in the family Montiaceae. In 2003, WA Herbarium Identification Botanist Rob Davis made the first collection of this species, noting that it was possibly a perennial. Indeed, C. quartzitica can be distinguished from other species in the genus by its perennial and scrambling habit, seeds with an obvious, bright metallic lustre at maturity, and an unusual habitat dominated by quartzite (the species epithet is derived from the quartz geology). It is currently known to occur from the edge of five salt lakes just north of Kalgoorlie in the Eastern Murchison sub-bioregion and flowers from around mid-September to mid-October.

Calandrinia quartzitica, a conservation listed taxon, was described this year by the Herbarium’s Research Associate Frank Obbens in our journal Nuytsia, from which much of this text is transcribed.

Photo: B. Moyle

Find out more about Calandrinia quartzitica Obbens

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