Plant of the Month — October 2019

Dampiera incana R.Br. — Hoary Dampiera

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Dampiera incana (Hoary Dampiera) is an erect, much-branched, perennial shrub growing to 30–45 cm high. This attractive shrub gets the common name Hoary from the white to grey layer of very short, closely interwoven hairs that cover the entire plant. Flowering begins around June and extends into December. Hoary Dampiera occurs from the Geraldton area to the Pilbara region in sandy soil.

Two varieties of D. incana occur in WA, var. incana (pictured) and var. fuscescens, both are endemic.

The genus Dampiera commemorates William Dampier (1651–1715), the English navigator, explorer and privateer. His collections in the Shark Bay area in 1699 included a Hoary Dampiera specimen, just one of 25 plants and one alga that were among the first Australian plants to reach European herbaria and are still preserved at the Oxford Herbarium today.

Photo: J. Huisman

Find out more about Dampiera incana R.Br.

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