Plant of the Month — February 2019

Banksia baxteri R.Br. — Baxter's Banksia

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Banksia baxteri (Baxter’s Banksia) is a compact shrub or small tree growing to 4 metres high. The conspicuous, hemispherical, lemon-yellow flower heads, which grow at the ends of the branches within a rosette of deeply toothed leaves, make this species one of most attractive Banksias in WA. Flowering occurs from December to May, but mainly January to March.

Baxter’s Banksia can be found near the south coast between Albany and Esperance where it grows in deep white or grey sand, on plains and consolidated dunes, usually as a component of tall shrubland where it is sometimes the dominant species.

Baxter’s Banksia is named after William Baxter, an English gardener/botanical collector, who collected the type specimen near King George Sound in WA in 1829.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Banksia baxteri R.Br.

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