Plant of the Month — July 2019

Grevillea drummondii Meisn. — Drummond's Grevillea

Find out more about Grevillea drummondii Meisn.

Grevillea drummondii (Drummond’s Grevillea) is a low spreading, densely branched shrub growing to a height of 0.3­–1.0 m. The attractive, pendant flowers are creamy-yellow in bud ageing to pink or red with prominent red-tipped styles. The flowers, which hang at the ends of short branchlets surrounded by small thick leaves, are most abundant from June to September.

Drummond’s Grevillea is endemic and occurs in south-western WA, north of Perth between Bindoon and Bolgart where it grows in eucalypt woodland and shrubland in gravelly loam soils on lateritic rises.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Grevillea drummondii Meisn.

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