Plant of the Month — September 2019

Boronia megastigma Bartl. — Scented Boronia

Find out more about Boronia megastigma Bartl.

Boronia megastigma (Scented Boronia) is a slender, erect shrub growing to 2m high. The small, somewhat pendulous, cup-shaped flowers are bright yellow on the inside whilst the exterior is an interesting dark brown to purple-black colour. The flowers, which appear in spring, have a very intense and attractive fragrance and are used in the production of essential oils.

Scented Boronia occurs in south-west WA from Harvey south to Cape Riche, where it grows in winter swamp-lands, mainly in the Karri forests and the southern limits of the Jarrah forests.

The genus Boronia, named after Francesco Borone, an 18th-century Italian botanist, is one of the best known of all Australian plants and can be found in all states, with most species being found in south-western Australia.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Boronia megastigma Bartl.

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