Plant of the Month — January 2020

Pentapeltis peltigera (Hook.) Bunge

Find out more about Pentapeltis peltigera (Hook.) Bunge

Pentapeltis peltigera is a perennial herb growing to 15 cm high, with trailing stems reaching to 50 cm long. The inflorescence features clusters of 3–8 delicate, white flowers that are bisexual and protandrous (the first flowers to emerge are male and when the anthers fall away, they become receptive female flowers). This image shows the female phase displaying pink stigmas. Flowering occurs from December to April. P. peltigera can usually be found growing on lateritic soils from just north of Perth to Collie, mainly in the Daring Range.

The genus Pentapeltis is endemic to WA with just two species occuring here.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Pentapeltis peltigera (Hook.) Bunge

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