Plant of the Month — October 2020

Verticordia ovalifolia Meisn.

Find out more about Verticordia ovalifolia Meisn.

This frothy, bubbly beauty is Verticordia ovalifolia, an erect shrub that grows to 20–80 cm high and features large attractive flowers and oval foliage. The lightly scented flowers, which appear from August to December, are feathered or laciniate (meaning slashed or cut into narrow pointed lobes), with colours ranging from greenish or creamish-white, flushed with pale pink in the centre, to deep pink, almost purple, as flowers mature. A ring of bright orange, hook-shaped stamens surrounding a red stigma add an additional pop of colour.

Verticordia ovalifolia is endemic to WA and can be found growing in the south-west from the Mingenew area extending southwards to Dumbleyung and Lake King, where plants grow in heath and shrubland and occasionally in open banksia woodland.

This species name is derived from the Latin ovalis (oval) and folium (a leaf), in reference to the leaf shape.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Verticordia ovalifolia Meisn.

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