Plant of the Month — November 2020

Boronia fastigiata Bartl. — Bushy Boronia

Find out more about Boronia fastigiata Bartl.

If ‘there is beauty in simplicity’ then Boronia fastigiata (Bushy Boronia) must surely be an eye-popping example. With its sprays of bright pink-mauve petals contrasting with the dark purple sepals, it sets a stunning display often covering the whole plant.

Bushy Boronia is an erect, perennial shrub growing to 40 cm high. The species epithet fastigiata means ‘pointed’ and refers to the many erect, vertical stems that can look broom-like in appearance. Bushy Boronia is a common species growing in Jarrah forest east of Perth and along the Darling Scarp and flowering from October to November.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Boronia fastigiata Bartl.

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