Plant of the Month — December 2020

Xerochrysum macranthum (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson

Find out more about Xerochrysum macranthum (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson

Xerochrysum macranthum (or White Straw Flower) with its spectacular, starry display of large white to shiny copper coloured, petal-like bracts make it the perfect plant to celebrate this coming festive season. Its period of optimum blooming is December, with flowers beginning in September and finishing in January.

White Straw Flower is a variable species native to the south-west botanical province of WA. It can be an erect, branching annual or a short-lived perennial sub-shrub with a woody base, growing to 1.5 m high. This stellar species can be found on a variety of soils and in markedly different habitats including jarrah forests, heath land and seasonally damp areas.

The subject of this image occurs on the summit of Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges, so if you are keen to see this form of Strawflower dust off the hiking boots and walking pole, grab a water bottle and get exploring.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Xerochrysum macranthum (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson

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