Plant of the Month — February 2020

Regelia ciliata Schauer

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Regelia ciliata is a rigid, spreading shrub, growing to a height of 2 m. The flowers are pink-purple in colour and arranged in dense, globular heads across the ends of branches that continue to grow after flowering. The flowers appear throughout the year, but mainly November to February. This attractive species can be found in shrubland, often in winter-wet swamps and watercourses, from south of Busselton extending north to Jurien Bay.

The genus Regelia, with its bottlebrush-like flowers, closely resembles Melaleuca and Beaufortia and is included in the large family Myrtaceae, which has recently been re-assessed in the light of DNA sequence studies.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Regelia ciliata Schauer

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