Plant of the Month — May 2020

Caladenia drummondii Benth. — Winter Spider Orchid

Find out more about Caladenia drummondii Benth.

Caladenia drummondii (Winter Spider Orchid) is one the earliest flowering of the south-west spider orchids and at roughly 10 cm high it is probably the smallest spider orchid. Although small, the flowers, just one per plant, are quite striking with their green-yellow recurved petals and maroon coloured labellum.

This species was named in 1873 after James Drummond, the first government naturalist for the state, and the collector of the type specimen. The Winter Spider Orchid can be seen flowering in open woodlands and Melaleuca thickets from north of Geraldton to southern parts of the wheat-belt from May to July.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Caladenia drummondii Benth.

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