Plant of the Month — August 2020

Coopernookia polygalacea (de Vriese) Carolin

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Coopernookia polygalacea is an erect to spreading undershrub growing up to 60 cm tall with attractive lilac-pink to white flowers in compact terminal leafy racemes. The corolla features crinkly, frilled lobes that are broadly winged, the stamens being free from each other. Flowering is chiefly in late winter to spring (August–November).

This species is endemic to WA and occurs in near-coastal districts from the Stirling Range to Esperance, where it grows in heathland favouring sandy soils overlying gravel.

The genus name Coopernookia is derived from the Coopernook State Forest, NSW, where the species C. chisholmii is common. The name Coopernook means ’the elbow’ in the local Aboriginal language, Biripi. This name refers to the bend in the Lansdowne River which looks like an elbow of an arm.

Photo: R. Davis

Find out more about Coopernookia polygalacea (de Vriese) Carolin

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