The Western Australian Flora — A Descriptive Catalogue

Grazyna Paczkowska & Alex R. Chapman

This new publication catalogues the diversity of the vascular flora occurring in Western Australia. The State contains about 3% of the world’s flora with several areas of special interest. Endemism is extremely high in the south-west with nearly 80% of the taxa growing nowhere else in the world.

Every native and naturalised alien plant known to occur in the State is listed by family, genus and species and accompanied by a brief description of its habit, height, flowering time and colour, habitat and distribution.

Subspecies and varieties are included, as are new entities scientifically recognised but yet to be formally described. In total, this document describes 11,922 vascular plant taxa, as recorded in the information systems of the Western Australian Herbarium on the 20th January 2000.

Some 2,000 taxa throughout the State are considered rare, threatened or of uncertain conservation status. By documenting fundamental information on all the State’s flora this book encourages community interest and input into conserving the Western Australian flora.

Scientists, naturalists and flora enthusiasts will all find this a key reference work that can be used in the field as well as at the office, library or home.

This book was published jointly by the Wildflower Society of Western Australia, Western Australian Herbarium, CALM (now DBCA) and the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority. The 672 pages include 16 pages of colour and 6 colour plates with an introduction covering botanical history, floristics, classification and data management. You can download the complete introduction to the book (2.5 MB PDF).

The Western Australian Flora — A Descriptive Catalogue was launched on 5th October 2000.

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