Flora of the South West — Bunbury, Augusta, Denmark

Judy Wheeler, Neville Marchant & Margaret Lewington

Flora of the South West book cover

The flora of south-western Australia is internationally renowned as one of the richest in the world. Every year, in spring and summer, thousands of visitors — many from overseas — arrive to admire and wonder at the staggering array of wildflowers.

Published in two volumes, the Flora of the South West provides a comprehensive guide to this natural treasure. Each volume features:

  • illustrated identification keys using easily observed characteristics such as flower colour and shape,
  • simply written descriptions,
  • notes on distribution and ecology and
  • small sketches illustrating the differences between the species.

The Flora of the South West is a storehouse of information for anyone interested in Western Australia’s floral heritage — from dedicated botanists to the most inexperienced beginners.

Published in association with the Australian Biological Resources Study and the Western Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management (now Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions), the Flora of the South West was launched on 27th September 2002.

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