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Terms: Genus: alternanthera

Amaranthaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. 87-88 (1789)
Alternanthera Forssk.
Fl.Aegypt.-Arab. 28 (1775)
Alternanthera angustifolia R.Br.
Prodr. 417 (1810)
Alternanthera brasiliana (L.) Kuntze
Revis.Gen.Pl. 2:537 (1891)
Alternanthera brasiliana var. villosa (Moq.) Kuntze
Revis.Gen.Pl. 2:538 (1891)
Alternanthera denticulata R.Br.
Lesser Joyweed; Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 417 (1810)
Alternanthera ficoidea (L.) P.Beauv.
Fl.Oware 2:66 (1818)
Alternanthera leptophylla Benth.
Fl.Austral. 5:251-252 (1870)
Alternanthera longipes (Moq.) Benth.
Fl.Austral. 5:252 (1870)
Alternanthera nana R.Br.
Hairy Joyweed; Prodr. 417 (1810)
Alternanthera nodiflora R.Br.
Common Joyweed; Prodr. 417 (1810)
Alternanthera pungens Kunth
Khaki Weed; Humb., Bonpl. & Kunth, Nov.Gen.Sp.Pl. 2:206 (1818)
Alternanthera sessilis (L.) DC.
Cat.Pl.Horti.Monsp. 77 (1813)
Alternanthera sp. Meentheena Station (S. van Leeuwen 4508)
Alternanthera tenella Colla
Mem.Reale Accad.Sci.Torino 23:131,Tab.9 (1829)

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