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Terms: Genus: byblis

Byblidaceae Domin
Acta Bot.Bohem. 1:3 (1922)
Byblis Salisb.
Parad.Lond. pt. 95 (1808)
Byblis aquatica Lowrie & Conran
Nuytsia 12:62-64, Fig. 2 (1998)
Byblis filifolia Planch.
Ann.Sci.Nat.,Bot. Ser.3,9:305-306 (1848)
Byblis gigantea Lindl.
Rainbow Plant; Sketch Veg.Swan R. xxi (1839)
Byblis guehoi Lowrie & Conran
Telopea 12:23-29, Figs 2-4 (2008)
Byblis lamellata Conran & Lowrie
Nuytsia 15:18-19,Figs 2B,3 (2002)
Byblis lindleyana Planch.
Ann.Sci.Nat.,Bot. ser. 3, 9:307 (1848)
Byblis liniflora Salisb.
Northern Byblis; Parad.Lond. 2:Tab.95 (1808)
Byblis liniflora subsp. aquatica Lowrie & Conran ms
Byblis liniflora Salisb. subsp. liniflora
Byblis liniflora subsp. occidentalis Conran & Lowrie
Austral.Syst.Bot. 6:176-179,Fig.2 (1993)
Byblis pilbarana Lowrie & Conran
Carniv.Pl.Austral. 1268 (2014)
Byblis rorida Lowrie & Conran
Nuytsia 12:70-73,Fig.5 (1998)

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