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Terms: Genus: convolvulus

Convolvulaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 132 (1789)
Convolvulus L.
Sp.Pl. 1:153 (1753)
Convolvulus angustissimus R.Br.
Prodr. 482 (1810)
Convolvulus angustissimus R.Br. subsp. angustissimus
Convolvulus arvensis L.
Field Bindweed; Sp.Pl. 1:153 (1753)
Convolvulus clementii Domin
Biblioth.Bot. 89:539 (1928)
Convolvulus erubescens Sims
Australian Bindweed; Bot.Mag. 27:Tab.1067 (1808)
Convolvulus pyrophilus O.Nazarova & Hislop
Nuytsia 32:159-163, Figs 1, 2A (2021)
Convolvulus recurvatus R.W.Johnson
Austrobaileya 6:32-33 (2001)
Convolvulus recurvatus subsp. nullarborensis R.W.Johnson
Austrobaileya 6:33, 35, Fig. 9B & 10B (2001)
Convolvulus remotus R.Br.
Prodr. 483 (1810)
Convolvulus sabatius Viv.
Fl.Libyc.Spec. 67 (1824)
Convolvulus sabatius subsp. mauritanicus (Boiss.) Mirb.
Acta Univ.Lund. Ser.2,19:19 (1923)
Convolvulus sp. Cascades (W. Archer 1110161)

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