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Terms: Genus: eucalyptus

Myrtaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 322 (1789)
Eucalyptus L'Her.
Sert.Angl. (1789)
Eucalyptus dissimulata Brooker
Red-capped Mallee; Nuytsia 6: 332-333, Figs.2,3 (1988)
Eucalyptus distans Brooker, Boland & Kleinig
Austral.Forest Res. 10:95 (1980)
Eucalyptus distuberosa D.Nicolle
Nuytsia 19:85-86 (2009)
Eucalyptus distuberosa subsp. aerata D.Nicolle
Nuytsia 19:90-92, Figs 9,10 (2009)
Eucalyptus distuberosa D.Nicolle subsp. distuberosa
Eucalyptus diversicolor F.Muell.
Karri; Fragm. 3:131-132 (1863)
Eucalyptus diversifolia Bonpl.
Soap Mallee; Descr.Pl.Malmaison 35 (1813)
Eucalyptus diversifolia subsp. hesperia I.J.Wright & Ladiges
Austral.Syst.Bot. 10:677-678 (1997)
Eucalyptus dolichocera L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Kalbarri Red Mallee; Telopea 8:196-197, Fig. 12 (1999)
Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha (Brooker) Brooker & Hopper
Nuytsia 9:57 (1993)
Eucalyptus dolorosa Brooker & Hopper
Mount Misery Mallee; Nuytsia 9:6-8, Fig. 2 (1993)
Eucalyptus dongarraensis Maiden & Blakely
Dongara Mallee; J.&Proc.Roy.Soc.New South Wales 59:184-187 (1925)
Eucalyptus doratoxylon F.Muell.
Spearwood Mallee; Fragm. 2:55 (1860)
Eucalyptus dorrienii Domin
Silver Mallee; Repert.Spec.Nov.Regni Veg. 12:388 (1913)
Eucalyptus drummondii Benth. subsp. drummondii ms
Eucalyptus drummondii subsp. glauciflora D.Nicolle ms
Eucalyptus drummondii subsp. humilis Brooker & Hopper ms
Eucalyptus drummondii subsp. Moora (D. Nicolle 1653)
Eucalyptus drummondii subsp. pendiflora D.Nicolle ms
Eucalyptus drummondii subsp. York (D. Nicolle & M. French DN 3684)

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