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Terms: Genus: eucalyptus

Myrtaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 322 (1789)
Eucalyptus L'Her.
Sert.Angl. (1789)
Eucalyptus hypolaena L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Telopea 8:203-205,Fig.17 (1999)
Eucalyptus illustris Brooker ms
Eucalyptus improcera (Brooker & Hopper) D.Nicolle & M.E.French
Swainsona 33:9 (2019)
Eucalyptus incerata Brooker & Hopper
Mount Day Mallee; Nuytsia 14:347-349,Fig.5C (2002)
Eucalyptus inconstans L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill ms
Eucalyptus incrassata Labill.
Ridge-fruited Mallee; Nov.Holl.Pl. 2:12 (1806)
Eucalyptus indurata Brooker & Hopper
Ironbark; Nuytsia 9:26-28, Fig. 10 (1993)
Eucalyptus infracorticata L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Telopea 9(2):310-312,Fig.26 (2001)
Eucalyptus insularis Brooker
Twin Peak Island Mallee; Nuytsia 1:308-310 (1974)
Eucalyptus insularis subsp. continentalis D.Nicolle & Brooker
Nuytsia 24:251-252 (2014)
Eucalyptus insularis Brooker subsp. insularis
Eucalyptus intertexta R.T.Baker
Barstard Coolibah; Proc.Linn.Soc.New South Wales 25:308 (1900)
Eucalyptus intertexta var. diminuta Blakely
Key Eucalypts 169 (1934)
Eucalyptus intertexta R.T.Baker var. intertexta
Eucalyptus jacksonii Maiden
Red Tingle; J.&Proc.Roy.Soc.New South Wales 47:219-221 (1914)
Eucalyptus jensenii Maiden
Wandi Ironbark; Crit.Revis.Eucalyptus 6:255 (1922)
Eucalyptus jimberlanica L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Telopea 4:209,Fig.4 (1991)
Eucalyptus jinungurdu McQuoid & Hopper ms
Eucalyptus johnsoniana Brooker & Blaxell
Johnson's Mallee; Nuytsia 2:222-224 (1978)
Eucalyptus jucunda C.A.Gardner
Yuna Mallee; J.Roy.Soc.Western Australia 47:60 (1964)

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