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Terms: Genus: eucalyptus

Myrtaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 322 (1789)
Eucalyptus L'Her.
Sert.Angl. (1789)
Eucalyptus kondininensis Maiden & Blakely
Kondinin Blackbutt; J.Proc.Roy.Soc.New S.Wales 59:189-192 (1925)
Eucalyptus kondininensis subsp. tuberosa D.Nicolle ms
Eucalyptus kruseana F.Muell.
Bookleaf Mallee; Australas.J.Pharm. 10:233 (1895)
Eucalyptus kumarlensis Brooker
Kumarl Salmon Gum; Nuytsia 6:333-334, Figs 2f, 3f (1988)
Eucalyptus kynoura D.Nicolle ms
Eucalyptus laeliae Podger & Chippend.
Darling Range Ghost Gum; J.Roy.Soc.Western Australia 51:65 (1969)
Eucalyptus laevis L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Telopea 9(2):275-277,Fig.6 (2001)
Eucalyptus lamprocalyx Blakely
Key Eucalypts 87-88 (1934)
Eucalyptus lane-poolei Maiden
Salmon White Gum; J.&Proc.Roy.Soc.New South Wales 53:107-111 (1919)
Eucalyptus lane-poolei var. Whicher (S.D. Hopper 6316)
Eucalyptus lanepoolei Maiden
Eucalyptus lata L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Telopea 4:630, Fig. 36 (1992)
Eucalyptus latens Brooker
Secret Mallee; Nuytsia 6:332, Figs 2d, 3d (1988)
Eucalyptus latifolia F.Muell.
Round-leaf Bloodwood; J.Linn.Soc.,Bot. 3:94 (1859)
Eucalyptus lehmannii subsp. arborella Brooker & Hopper ms
Eucalyptus lehmannii (Schauer) Benth. subsp. lehmannii
Bushy Yate;
Eucalyptus lehmannii subsp. linearifolia D.Nicolle ms
Eucalyptus lehmannii subsp. modifolia D.Nicolle ms
Eucalyptus lehmannii subsp. Narrow Leaf (D. Nicolle & M. French DN 4806)
Eucalyptus lehmannii subsp. northern (M. French 425)

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