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Terms: Genus: grevillea

Proteaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 78 (1789)
Grevillea Knight
Cult.Prot. pxvii, 120. (1809)
Grevillea scabrida C.A.Gardner
J.Roy.Soc.Western Australia 22:120 (1936)
Grevillea scapigera A.S.George
Nuytsia 1:374 (1974)
Grevillea secunda McGill.
New Names Grevillea 14 (1986)
Grevillea shuttleworthiana Meisn.
Lehm., Pl.Preiss. 2:258 (1848)
Grevillea shuttleworthiana subsp. canarina Olde & Marriott
Grevillea 1:177 (1994)
Grevillea shuttleworthiana subsp. obovata (Benth.) Olde & Marriott
Grevillea 1:177 (1994)
Grevillea shuttleworthiana Meisn. subsp. shuttleworthiana
Grevillea shuttleworthina subsp. canarina P.Olde & N.Marriott
Grevillea 1:177 (1994)
Grevillea sp. A Kimberley Flora (K.F. Kenneally 9273)
Grevillea sp. Boyagin (P. Olde 91252)
Grevillea sp. Cape Arid (R. Spjut & R. Smith RS12562)
Grevillea sp. Cooljarloo (B.J. Keighery 28 B)
Grevillea sp. Duranillin (E.F. Shedley 180)
Grevillea sp. Eragilga (P. Olde 91/96)
Grevillea sp. Gillingarra (R.J. Cranfield 4087)
Grevillea sp. Gunapin (F. Hort 308)
Grevillea sp. Harrismith (G.J. Keighery & N. Gibson 7094)
Grevillea sp. Koolyanobbing (W.P. Muir WPM 3344)
Grevillea sp. Mukinbudin (K. Bettink 34)
Grevillea sp. Ocean Reef (D. Pike Joon 4)

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