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Terms: Genus: pandanus

Pandanaceae R.Br.
Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 340 (1810)
Pandanus Parkinson
J.Voy.South Seas p 76 (1773)
Pandanus aquaticus F.Muell.
Fragm. 5:40 (1865)
Pandanus darwinensis H.St.John
Pacific Sci. 16:417 (1962)
Pandanus darwinensis H.St.John var. darwinensis
Pandanus darwinensis var. latifructus (H.St.John) B.C.Stone
Nuytsia 2:251 (1978)
Pandanus kimberleyanus H.St.John
Pacific Sci. 15:180,Fig.9 (1961)
Pandanus oblatus H.St.John
Pandanus rheophilus B.C.Stone
Nuytsia 4:427-433 (1983)
Pandanus semiarmatus H.St.John
Pacific Sci. 16:421-423 (1962)
Pandanus spiralis R.Br.
Screwpine; Prodr. 341 (1810)
Pandanus spiralis var. convexus (H.St.John) B.C.Stone
Nuytsia 2:245,Fig.2 (1978)
Pandanus spiralis var. flammeus B.C.Stone
Edgar Range Pandanus; Nuytsia 2:245 (1978)
Pandanus spiralis var. multimammillatus B.C.Stone
Nuytsia 2:247,Fig.5 (1978)
Pandanus spiralis var. septemloculatus B.C.Stone ms
Pandanus spiralis R.Br. var. spiralis
Pandanus spiralis var. thermalis (H.St.John) B.C.Stone
Nuytsia 2:247 (1978)

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