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Terms: Genus: puccinellia

Poaceae Barnhart
Bull.Torrey Bot.Club 22:7 (1895)
Puccinellia Parl.
Fl.Ital. 1:366 (1850)
Puccinellia ciliata Bor
Puccinellia; Notes Roy.Bot.Gard.Edinburgh 28:299-230 (1968)
Puccinellia gigantea (Grossh.) Grossh.
Grossh. & Schischk., Fl.Caucas. 1:114 (1928)
Puccinellia longior A.R.Williams
Nuytsia 16:458-460, Fig 8 (2007)
Puccinellia sp. Busselton (C.A. Gardner s.n. PERTH 00477664)
Puccinellia sp. Warren Road (M.N. Lyons 2710)
Puccinellia stricta (Hook.f.) C.H.Blom
Marsh Grass; Acta Horti Gothob. 5:89 (1930)
Puccinellia stricta var. longior A.R.Williams ms
Puccinellia stricta var. perlaxa N.G.Walsh
Muelleria 7:382-384 (1991)
Puccinellia stricta (Hook.f.) C.H.Blom var. stricta
Puccinellia vassica A.R.Williams
Nuytsia 16:460-461, Fig. 9 (2007)

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