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Terms: Reference: nuytsia 10 1995

Rhamnaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 376 (1789)
Cryptandra Sm.
Trans.Linn.Soc.London,Bot. 4:217 (1798)
Cryptandra monticola Rye & Trudgen
Nuytsia 10:307-309,Fig.1 (1995)
Cryptandra nola Rye
Nuytsia 10:275-276,Fig.4J-M (1995)
Cryptandra polyclada subsp. aequabilis Rye
Nuytsia 10:276-277,Fig.6A-C (1995)
Cryptandra recurva Rye
Nuytsia 10:278-279,Fig.1O-S (1995)
Cryptandra wilsonii Rye
Nuytsia 10:280-281,Fig.6G-K (1995)
Spyridium Fenzl
Enum.Pl. p24, (1837)
Spyridium glaucum Rye
Nuytsia 10:120-121,Fig.1A-F (1995)
Spyridium majoranifolium (Fenzl) Rye
Nuytsia 10:121 (1995)
Spyridium minutum Rye
Nuytsia 10:122,Fig.1G-K (1995)
Spyridium montanum Rye
Nuytsia 10:123,Fig.1L-O (1995)
Spyridium mucronatum Rye
Nuytsia 10:125-126,Fig.2A-C (1995)
Spyridium mucronatum subsp. multiflorum Rye
Nuytsia 10:126,Fig.2D,E (1995)
Spyridium mucronatum subsp. recurvum Rye
Nuytsia 10:127,Fig.2F-H (1995)
Spyridium polycephalum (Turcz.) Rye
Nuytsia 10:128 (1995)
Spyridium riparium Rye
Nuytsia 10:128-130,Fig.2O-S (1995)
Stenanthemum Reissek
Linnaea 29:295 (1858)
Stenanthemum bilobum Rye
Nuytsia 10:281-282, Fig. 7A-E (1995)
Stenanthemum complicatum (F.Muell.) Rye
Nuytsia 10:282 (1995)
Stenanthemum cristatum Rye
Nuytsia 10:284, Fig. 7F-K (1995)
Stenanthemum divaricatum (Benth.) Rye
Nuytsia 10:284 (1995)
Stenanthemum emarginatum Rye
Nuytsia 10:286-287, Fig. 9A-F (1995)
Stenanthemum intricatum Rye
Nuytsia 10:287-289, Fig. 9G-N (1995)

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