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Droseraceae Salisb.
Parad.Lond. pt.95 (1808)
Drosera L.
Sp.Pl. 2:218 (1753)
Drosera sp. Branched styles (S.C. Coffey 193)
Drosera sp. Hatter Hill (G.J. Barrett s.n. 15/9/89)
Drosera sp. Lake King (K.R. Newbey 5514)
Drosera spilos N.G.Marchant & Lowrie
Kew Bull. 47:327-328 (1992)
Drosera squamosa Benth.
Fl.Austral. 2:463 (1864)
Drosera stelliflora Lowrie & Carlquist
Phytologia 73:107-109,Fig.5 (1992)
Drosera stolonifera Endl.
Leafy Sundew; Endl., Fenzl, Benth. & Schott, Enum.Pl. 5 (1837)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. compacta N.G.Marchant
Fl.Australia 8:384 (1982)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. humilis (Planch.) N.G.Marchant
Fl.Australia 8:384 (1982)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. monticola Lowrie & N.G.Marchant
Nuytsia 8:326-328,Fig.2 (1992)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. porrecta (Lehm.) N.G.Marchant & Lowrie
Kew Bull. 47:320 (1992)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. prostrata N.G.Marchant & Lowrie
Kew Bull. 47:320-321 (1992)
Drosera stolonifera subsp. rupicola N.G.Marchant
Fl.Australia 8:384 (1982)
Drosera stolonifera Endl. subsp. stolonifera
Drosera stricticaulis (Diels) O.H.Sarg.
Erect Sundew; J. Bot. 51:40 (1913)
Drosera stricticaulis subsp. eremaea (N.G.Marchant & Lowrie) Schlauer
Carniv.Pl.Newslett. 25:73 (1996)
Drosera subhirtella Planch.
Sunny Rainbow; Ann.Sci.Nat.,Bot. Ser.3,9:292 (1848)
Drosera subhirtella subsp. moorei (Diels) N.G.Marchant
Fl.Australia 8:385 (1982)
Drosera subhirtella Planch. subsp. subhirtella
Drosera subtilis N.G.Marchant
Fl.Austral. 8:385 (1982)

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