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Malvaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 271 (1789)
Hibiscus L.
Sp.Pl. 2:693 (1753)
Hibiscus setulosus F.Muell.
Fragm. 1:221 (1859)
Hibiscus solanifolius F.Muell.
Fragm. 2:116-117 (1861)
Hibiscus sp. A Kimberley Flora (E.A. Chesterfield 310)
Hibiscus sp. B Kimberley Flora (P.G. Wilson 11143)
Hibiscus sp. C Kimberley Flora (K.F. Kenneally 10979)
Hibiscus sp. Canga (P.J.H. Hurter & J. Naaykens 11013)
Hibiscus sp. Carnarvon (S. van Leeuwen 5110)
Hibiscus sp. Durba Hills (R. Davis 11193)
Hibiscus sp. Gardneri (A.L. Payne PRP 1435)
Hibiscus sp. Gurinbiddy Range (M.E. Trudgen MET 15708)
Hibiscus sp. Kununurra (K.F. Kenneally 1940)
Hibiscus sp. Mt Brockman (E. Thoma ET 1354)
Hibiscus sp. Mt Robinson (G. Byrne 3537)
Hibiscus sp. Ninghan Station (A.A. Mitchell 1161)
Hibiscus sp. Nookawarra Station (S.J.J. Davies s.n. 1/3/1960)
Hibiscus sp. Perrinvale Station (J. Warden & E. Ager WB 10581)
Hibiscus sp. Theda (M.D. Barrett & R.L. Barrett MDB 2144)
Hibiscus sp. Wonganoo Station (K. Boladeras 125)
Hibiscus spinulosus (W.Fitzg.) F.D.Wilson
Austral.J.Bot. 22:178 (1974)
Hibiscus squarrulosus Craven, F.D.Wilson & Fryxell
Austral.Syst.Bot. 16:212,Figs 12,17 (2003)

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