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Moraceae Gaudich.
Gen.Pl. p13 (1835)
Fatoua Gaudich.
Voy.Uranie [Freycinet] p509 (1830)
Fatoua pilosa Gaudich.
Arzerarzer; Freyc., Voy.Uranie [Freycinet] 509 (1830)
Fatoua villosa (Thunb.) Nakai
Arzerarzer; Bot.Mag.(Tokyo) 41:516 (1927)
Ficus L.
Sp.Pl. 2:1059 (1753)
Ficus aculeata Miq.
London J.Bot. 7:426 (1848)
Ficus aculeata Miq. var. aculeata
Ficus aculeata var. indecora (Miq.) D.J.Dixon
Ranji; Nuytsia 16:276 (2007)
Ficus aculeata var. orbicularis (Miq.) D.J.Dixon ms
Ficus atricha D.J.Dixon
Austral.Syst.Bot. 14:545-549,Fig.5 (2001)
Ficus brachypoda (Miq.) Miq.
Ann.Mus.Bot.Lugduno-Batavi 3:287 (1867)
Ficus carica L.
Common Fig; Sp.Pl. 2:1059 (1753)
Ficus cerasicarpa D.J.Dixon
Austral.Syst.Bot. 14:555-558,Fig.9 (2001)
Ficus congesta Roxb.
Fl.Ind. (2)3:560 (1832)
Ficus congesta Roxb. var. congesta
Ficus coronulata Miq.
River Fig; J.Bot.Néerl. 1: 242 (1862)
Ficus desertorum B.C.Wilde & R.L.Barrett
Desert fig; Telopea 24:293-298, Figs 7-9 (2021)
Ficus geniculata Kurz
J.Asiat.Soc.Bengal, Pt. 2, Nat.Hist. 42(2):105 (1873)
Ficus geniculata var. insignis C.C.Berg
Thai Forest Bull.,Bot. 35:17 (2007)
Ficus glabella Blume
Ficus glomerata Roxb.

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