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Haloragaceae R.Br.
Voy.Terra Austral. 2:549 (1814)
Myriophyllum L.
Sp.Pl. 2:992 (1753)
Myriophyllum aquaticum (Vell.) Verdc.
Brazilian Water Milfoil; Kew Bull. 28:36 (1973)
Myriophyllum balladoniense Orchard
Brunonia 8:221-223 (1985)
Myriophyllum ballidoniense Orchard
Myriophyllum callitrichoides Orchard
Kakadu Rockpool Milfoil; Trans.Roy.Soc.South Australia 98:173-177 (1974)
Myriophyllum callitrichoides Orchard subsp. callitrichoides
Myriophyllum callitrichoides subsp. striatum Orchard
Brunonia 8:252, Fig. 32D-H (1985)
Myriophyllum costatum Orchard
Brunonia 8:245-247 (1985)
Myriophyllum crispatum Orchard
Brunonia 8:210-214 (1985)
Myriophyllum decussatum Orchard
Brunonia 8:282-284 (1985)
Myriophyllum dicoccum F.Muell.
Trans.& Proc.Philos.Inst.Victoria 3:4 (1859)
Myriophyllum drummondii Benth.
Fl.Austral. 2:490 (1864)
Myriophyllum echinatum Orchard
Brunonia 8:259-261 (1985)
Myriophyllum filiforme Benth.
Fl.Austral. 2:489 (1864)
Myriophyllum foveicola M.D.Barrett, M.L.Moody & R.L.Barrett
Warty Rockpool Milfoil; Telopea 19:208-210, Fig. 1a-e (2016)
Myriophyllum lapidicola Orchard
Nuytsia 8:237-239,Fig.1 (1992)
Myriophyllum limnophilum Orchard
Brunonia 8:252-255 (1985)
Myriophyllum limnophyllum Orchard
Myriophyllum muelleri Sond.
Hooded Water Milfoil; Linnaea 28:233-234 (1856)
Myriophyllum petraeum Orchard
Granite Myriophyllum; Brunonia 8:247-249 (1986)
Myriophyllum propinquum A.Cunn.
Common Water Milfoil;

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