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Myrtaceae Juss.
Gen.Pl. [Jussieu] 322 (1789)
Beaufortia R.Br.
W.T.Aiton, Hort.Kew. Ed. 2, 4:418 (1812)
Beaufortia incana (Benth.) A.S.George
Grey-leaved Beaufortia; Nuytsia 1:290 (1972)
Beaufortia interstans F.Muell.
Fragm. 10:30-31 (1876)
Beaufortia kwongkanicola A.A.Burb.
Lesueur Beaufortia; Nuytsia 27:187-188 (2016)
Beaufortia macrostemon Lindl.
Darling Range Beaufortia; Sketch Veg.Swan R. 10 (1839)
Beaufortia micrantha Schauer
Little Bottlebrush; Regelia, Beaufortia, Caloth. 22 (1843)
Beaufortia micrantha Schauer var. micrantha
Beaufortia micrantha var. puberula Benth.
Fl.Austral. 3:170 (1867)
Beaufortia orbifolia F.Muell.
Ravensthorpe Bottlebrush; Fragm. 3:110-111 (1862)
Beaufortia puberula Turcz.
Hairy-leaved Beaufortia; Bull.Cl.Phys.-Math.Acad.Imp.Sci.Saint-Pétersbourg 10:345 (1852)
Beaufortia purpurea Lindl.
Purple Beaufortia; Sketch Veg.Swan R. 10 (1839)
Beaufortia raggedensis A.A.Burb.
Mount Ragged Beaufortia; Nuytsia 27:194-195 (2016)
Beaufortia schaueri Schauer
Pink Beaufortia; Regelia, Beaufortia, Caloth. 18 (1843)
Beaufortia sp. column (J.S. Beard 8119)
Beaufortia sparsa R.Br.
Swamp Bottlebrush; W.T.Aiton, Hort.Kew. Ed.2,4:419 (1812)
Beaufortia sprengelioides (DC.) Craven
Shark Bay Beaufortia; Taxon 48:54 (1999)
Beaufortia squarrosa Schauer
Sand Beaufortia; Regelia, Beaufortia, Caloth. 15 (1843)
Callistemon R.Br.
Voy.Terra Austral. 2:547 (1814)
Callistemon citrinus (Curtis) Skeels
Bull.Bur.Pl.Industr.U.S.D.A. 282:49 (1913)
Callistemon glaucus Sweet
Hort.Brit. Ed.2,208 (1830)
Callistemon phoeniceus Lindl.
Lesser Bottlebrush; Sketch Veg.Swan R. 10 (1839)

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