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Oxalidaceae R.Br.
Narr.Exped.Zaire p433 (1818)
Oxalis L.
Sp.Pl. 1:433 (1753)
Oxalis polyphylla Jacq.
Oxalis 75,Tab.39 (1794)
Oxalis purpurea L.
Largeflower Wood Sorrel; Sp.Pl. 1:433 (1753)
Oxalis radicosa A.Rich.
Tent.Fl.Abyss. 1:123 (1847)
Oxalis sp. Pilbara (M.E. Trudgen 12725)
Oxalis violacea L.
Violet Wood Sorrel; Sp.Pl. 1:434 (1753)

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