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Stylidiaceae R.Br.
Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 565 (1810)
Stylidium Sw.
Sp.Pl. p7, 146. (1805)
Stylidium semipartitum F.Muell.
Fragm. 1:147 (1859)
Stylidium septentrionale (Milbr.) Lowrie, A.H.Burb. & Kenneally
Nuytsia 13:123 (1999)
Stylidium shepherdianum Wege
Shepherd’s Boomerang Triggerplant; Nuytsia 31:253-256, Fig. 1 (2020)
Stylidium sidjamesii Lowrie & Kenneally
Nuytsia 13:296-299,Fig.2 (2000)
Stylidium sp. A Perth Flora
Stylidium sp. Banovich Road (F. & J. Hort 1884)
Stylidium sp. Bindoon (K.F. Kenneally 11405)
Stylidium sp. Bluff Knoll (S. Barrett s.n. 8/11/1994)
Stylidium sp. Boulder Rock (A.H. Burbidge 2536)
Stylidium sp. Chittering (J.A. Wege 709)
Stylidium sp. Coolcalalaya (A.H. Burbidge)
Stylidium sp. cormaceous ephemeral (F. Hort, J. Hort & J. Shanks 2382)
Stylidium sp. Dardanup (G.S. McCutcheon GSM 1066)
Stylidium sp. Darling Range (H. Bowler 371)
Stylidium sp. Dewars Pool (K.F. Kenneally 11400)
Stylidium sp. Dragon Rocks (J.A. Wege & K.A. Shepherd JAW 2054)
Stylidium spathulatum R.Br.
Creamy Triggerplant; Prodr. 569 (1810)
Stylidium spathulatum subsp. acuminatum Carlquist
Aliso 7:38 (1969)
Stylidium spathulatum subsp. glandulosum (Mildbr.) Carlquist
Aliso 7:38 (1969)
Stylidium spathulatum R.Br. subsp. spathulatum

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