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Stylidiaceae R.Br.
Prodr.Fl.Nov.Holland. 565 (1810)
Stylidium Sw.
Sp.Pl. p7, 146. (1805)
Stylidium sp. Eneabba (J.A. Wege & K.A. Shepherd JAW 1623)
Stylidium sp. fleshy annual (F. & J. Hort 885)
Stylidium sp. Glabrous inflorescence (R. Davis 7917)
Stylidium sp. Ironcaps (D. Coates 4688)
Stylidium sp. ironstone (G.J. Keighery 12932)
Stylidium sp. Kalbarri (A. Carr 145)
Stylidium sp. King Cascade (K.F. Kenneally 11173)
Stylidium sp. Kordabup (A.R. Annels 1660)
Stylidium sp. Korijekup (G.J. Keighery & B.J. Keighery 801)
Stylidium sp. Moora (J.A. Wege 713)
Stylidium sp. Mt Barker (E.J. Croxford 1906)
Stylidium sp. Mt Bayly (J.A. Wege & C. Wilkins JAW 1986)
Stylidium sp. Mt Success (E.M. Sandiford EMS 678)
Stylidium sp. Narembeen (W.E. Blackall s.n. /09/1929)
Stylidium sp. Scott River Plain (N.G. Marchant 74/23)
Stylidium sp. Stirling Range (S. Barrett 1275)
Stylidium spiciforme Wege
Spiciform Triggerplant; Nuytsia 25:333-335, Fig. 8 (2015)
Stylidium spinulosum R.Br.
Topsy-turvy Triggerplant; Prodr. 569 (1810)
Stylidium spinulosum subsp. montanum Carlquist
Aliso 7:44-46 (1969)
Stylidium spinulosum R.Br. subsp. spinulosum

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