Web Services

This page provides an area for our range of web services to be documented, accessed and explored. Web services, in the context of biodiversity informatics, relates to the use of software to automate the requesting of data from other web applications. Web services make it possible to combine data from multiple sources into one new application. Examples online already include those provided by the Atlas of Living Australia.

Simple Web Form Automation

The most simple implementation of a web service is one where a number of pages can be asked to provide answers on the same topic. As a basic example of what is possible, the form below generates searches of FloraBase, AVH and IPNI using the terms you supply. You must type in at least a genus and species for this to work, and 3 windows (or tabs) will be opened for you once you click the submit button, but they will be reused if you leave them open and redo your search.

You must supply at least a genus and species to continue.