Weed Species of Western Australia

Weeds cause serious economic loss for agriculture and may reduce biodiversity of bushland.

See the Swan Weeds Project for the latest information on the Department’s work on weeds

IBRA Region map
Figure 1. Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia 5.1

Use the map to retrieve a listing of weed species for each bioregion. See our primer on WA’s IBRA regions for further information.

The Australian Weeds Strategy takes a national approach to weed management problems of national significance, addressing environmental and agricultural weeds equally. A wide range of conservation practitioners in government and the community are working to tackle this problem and they require authoritative information on the identification, propagation and control of invasive species. The AWS lists three goals which are to be addressed by government at all levels in tackling this form of land degradation. They are:

  • To prevent the development of new weed problems
  • To reduce the impact of existing weed problems of national significance
  • To provide the framework and capacity for ongoing management of weed problems of national significance

FloraBase information systems currently record 1306 vascular alien taxa within the state. The Western Australian Herbarium is currently determining which of these are naturalised.

Get a complete listing of Western Australia’s naturalised weeds, or use the initial letters below for a listing within each category.

List of Western Australian weeds (alphabetic by family):

List of Western Australian weeds (alphabetic by genus):

Compiled by Alex Chapman; last updated on 24 July 2009.

Northern Eremaean Southwest Northern Kimberley Victoria Bonaparte Central Kimberley Dampierland Ord-Victoria Plains Tanami Great Sandy Desert Pilbara Carnarvon Gascoyne Little Sandy Desert Gibson Desert Central Ranges Yalgoo Murchison Great Victoria Desert Coolgardie Nullarbor Hampton Geraldton Sandplains Avon Wheatbelt Mallee Swan Coastal Plain Jarrah Forest Warren Esperance Plains