Adenanthos acanthophyllus A.S.George
Nuytsia 1:382 (1974)

Conservation Code: Priority Two
Naturalised Status: Native to Western Australia
Name Status: Current

Brief Description
Grazyna Paczkowska, Friday 21 July 1995

Robust shrub, 2-3.5(-6) m high. Fl. red/pink & green, Apr to Jul or Dec. Red or orange-brown sand.


Beard’s Provinces: Eremaean Province, South-West Province.

IBRA Regions: Carnarvon, Geraldton Sandplains, Yalgoo.

IBRA Subregions: Edel, Geraldton Hills, Wooramel.

Local Government Areas (LGAs): Northampton, Shark Bay.

Scientific Description
Chris Hollister, Nicholas Lander and Kevin Thiele, Thursday 7 February 2019

Shrubs, 2-3 m high. Leaves alternate, 15-30 mm mm long, hairy; lamina flat, once divided or twice or more divided, tripartitely divided, shallowly divided or deeply divided, with glands on the surface of the leaf blade. Inflorescences red; innermost bracts 5-7 mm long; peduncles 5-6 mm long. Perianth 26-27 mm long, hairy; ovary hairy; pistil 28-31 mm long, pollen presenter erect, style glabrous. Flowers in April, May, June, July or December. Occurs in the Eremaean (ER) or South-west (SW) Botanical Province(s), in the Carnarvon (CAR) or Geraldton Sandplains (GS) IBRA subregion(s).