Current Issue: Volume 33

Updates to Western Australia’s vascular plant census for 2021

PARKER, C.M. AND PERCY-BOWER, J.M., Nuytsia 33 : 1–14 (2022)

Stylidium milleri (Stylidiaceae), a striking discovery from south-western Australia

WEGE, J.A., Nuytsia 33 : 15–18 (2022)

Drummondita billyacatting (Rutaceae), a new, range-restricted species from Western Australia

SHELTON, L.R.J. AND THIELE, K.R., Nuytsia 33 : 19–27 (2022)

The new species Drummondita billyacatting L.R.J.Shelton & K.R.Thiele is described for a taxon previously phrase-named as D. sp. Trayning (A.M. George 97), which is narrowly endemic to Billyacatting Hill in the Western Australian wheatbelt. The new species is morphologically readily separable from the widespread D. hassellii (F.Muell.) Paul G. Wilson and the morphologically rather similar D. longifolia (Paul G. Wilson) Paul G. Wilson. A key is provided to all species of Drummondita Harv. (Rutaceae).

The Button Mangrove Conocarpus erectus (Combretaceae) is naturalised in Western Australia

KEIGHERY, G.J. AND LONG, V., Nuytsia 33 : 29–33 (2022)

The correct name for the weedy Homalanthus (Euphorbiaceae) in Western Australia

KEIGHERY, G.J. AND MITCHELL, A.A., Nuytsia 33 : 35–37 (2022)

Austrostipa (Poaceae) in Western Australia: new species, new records, keys, and character notes

WILLIAMS, A.R., Nuytsia 33 : 39–101 (2022)

Austrostipa S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett is a monophyletic genus of temperate Australian native grasses that occur throughout the southern part of the continent and in New Zealand. Eight new species from Western Australia are described and illustrated here, plus two newly recorded species that are range extensions from their previously known habitats in South Australia, bringing the total number of species recorded in this state to forty-four. Detailed character notes and a key to the species and the accepted subgenera are provided. The new species are: A. anaiwaniorum A.R.Williams, A. burgessii A.R.Williams, A. everettiana A.R.Williams, A. frankliniae A.R.Williams, A. heteranthera A.R.Williams, A. koordana A.R.Williams, A. nunaginensis A.R.Williams and A. turbinata A.R.Williams. One former species (A. nullanulla J.Everett & S.W.L.Jacobs) has been reduced to synonymy with A. vickeryana J.Everett & S.W.L.Jacobs. The two species with range extensions are A. echinata (Vickery, S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett, which has been found at several sites around Esperance, and A. mundula (J.M.Black) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett, which has been found in numerous small isolated coastal pockets around the south-west and up as far as Yanchep north of Perth. Five of the new species appear to be rare and isolated, including the newly discovered populations of A. echinata and A. mundula, and warrant conservation priority.