Caulerpa chemnitzia (Esper) J.V.Lamour.
Nouv.Bull.Sci.Soc.Philom.Paris 1:332, Pl. 6, Fig. 2 (1809)

Conservation Code: Not threatened
Naturalised Status: Native to Western Australia
Name Status: Current


Beard’s Provinces: Eremaean Province, Northern Province.

IBRA Regions: Carnarvon, Dampierland, Pilbara.

IBRA Subregions: Cape Range, Chichester, Pindanland, Roebourne.

IMCRA Regions: Abrolhos Islands, Bonaparte Gulf, Canning, Central West Coast, Kimberley, Ningaloo, Pilbara (nearshore), Pilbara (offshore), Shoalwater Coast, Tweed-Moreton, Zuytdorp.

Local Government Areas (LGAs): Ashburton, Broome, Derby-West Kimberley, East Pilbara, Exmouth, Greater Geraldton, Irwin, Karratha, Port Hedland, Shark Bay, Wyndham-East Kimberley.

Scientific Description
John Huisman and Cheryl Parker, Thursday 8 September 2016

Habit and structure. Thallus grass-green to dark green, spreading laterally to 50 cm, with naked stolons 1–2 mm diam., attached by short pillars with clustered rhizoids. Assimilators mostly simple, rarely branched, to 6 cm tall and 10 mm wide, with sparse to crowded radially arranged ramuli. Ramuli trumpet-shaped, peltate or clavate, with more than one form often present in the same assimilator, to 6 mm long, lacking constrictions, gradually broadening or with a short stalk and a flat disc (2.0–2.5 mm wide) when the ramuli are mostly peltate.

Distribution. Widespread in tropical seas. In W.A. south to the Houtman Abrolhos Islands.

Habitat. Epilithic in the intertidal and shallow subtidal.

[After Belton, Huisman & Gurgel, Algae of Australia: Mar. Benthic Algae of North-western Australia, 1. Green and Brown Algae 81 (2015)]