Ptilotus benlii R.W.Davis & T.Hammer

Nuytsia 28:299-301, Fig. 1 (2017)
Conservation Code
Not threatened
Naturalised Status
Native to Western Australia
Name Status

Scientific Description

Perennial herbs, stems several, more or less erect, glabrous. Leaves present, 10-60 mm long, 0.5-2.5 mm wide, glabrous; basal rosette absent; cauline leaves alternate. Spikes green or white, ovoid or cylindrical, solitary, with densely arranged flowers. Bracts 6-7.5 mm long, colourless, glabrous, awned or mucronate, with a prominent midrib. Bracteoles 5.5-7 mm long, colourless, glabrous or hairy, awned or mucronate, with a prominent midrib. Outer tepals 12-16 mm long, entire. Inner tepals 10-13.5 mm long, with a basal tuft of hairs on inner face. Style 5.5-6 mm long, straight, centrally fixed to ovary. Seeds 2-2.2 mm long, glossy, brown. Distribution: South West and Eremaean Botanical Region; IBRA regions: Geraldton Sandplain, Avon Whealtbelt, Murchison, Yalgoo.

R. Davis, 8 May 2019


IBRA Regions
Avon Wheatbelt, Geraldton Sandplains, Murchison, Yalgoo.
IBRA Subregions
Eastern Murchison, Geraldton Hills, Merredin, Tallering.
Local Government Areas (LGAs)
Carnamah, Greater Geraldton, Mingenew, Morawa, Northampton, Nungarin, Sandstone, Yalgoo.