Bulbostylis burbidgeae K.L.Wilson
Telopea 1:458-459 (1980)

Conservation Code: Priority Four
Naturalised Status: Native to Western Australia
Name Status: Current

Brief Description
Helen Coleman, Monday 14 December 1998

Tufted, erect to spreading annual, grass-like or herb (sedge), 0.03-0.25 m high, spikelets in a simple umbel or rarely solitary; stamens 3; involucral bracts long, hairy. Fl. brown, Mar or Jun to Aug. Granitic soils. Granite outcrops, cliff bases.


Beard’s Provinces: Eremaean Province.

IBRA Regions: Pilbara.

IBRA Subregions: Chichester, Fortescue, Roebourne.

Local Government Areas (LGAs): Ashburton, East Pilbara, Port Hedland.