Plant of the Month
November 2021


Stylidium scariosum DC.


Stylidium scariosum (Common Reed Triggerplant) is a reed-like perennial herb growing to 10–80 cm high. The bouquet-like flower clusters feature flower lobes in various shades of pink (rarely white), with a darker shade on the reverse and often at the margins, and a yellow throat with dark pink or pinkish red markings. Flowering occurs from August to December, with peak flowering during September and October.

Common Reed Triggerplant is endemic to Western Australia and is widespread in the Northern Jarrah Forest, Geraldton Sandplains and Swan Coastal Plain bioregions, extending from near Dwellingup north of Eneabba. It grows in shallow sandy loam in upland lateritic habitats.

The genus Stylidium is the subject of extensive research by the Western Australian Herbarium’s Senior Research Scientist Dr Juliet Wege, whose many publications provided most of this text.

Photo: R. Davis

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