A revision of Lasiopetalum (Malvaceae: Byttnerioideae) from the northern sandplains of Western Australia, including two new species

Taxonomic descriptions are provided for eight species of Lasiopetalum Sm. with a centre of diversity in the Geraldton Sandplains bioregion. Circumscriptions are updated for six species, namely L. angustifolium W.Fitzg., L. drummondii Benth., L. lineare Paust, L. ogilvieanum F.Muell., L. oldfieldii F.Muell., and L. oppositifolium F.Muell. Lectotypes are designated for L. angustifolium, L. ogilvieanum, L. oldfieldii, and L. oppositifolium, while the holotype for L. drummondii is clarified. In addition, two new species from the region are recognised and named here as L. biloculatum K.A.Sheph. & C.F.Wilkins and L. erectifolium K.A.Sheph. & C.F.Wilkins. Images and distribution maps are provided for all species.