Acacia Miscellany 5. A review of the A. bivenosa group (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae : section Phyllodineae)

A key is presented to the thirteen taxa comprising the A. bivenosa group. Three new species, viz. A. didyma, A. startii and A. telmica, and one new subspecies, A. sclerosperma subsp. glaucescens, are described. Descriptions are provided for six previously published species, namely A. bivenosa DC., A. ligulata A. Cunn. ex Benth., A. rostellifera Benth., A. sclerosperma F. Muell., A. tysonii Luehm. and A. xanthina Benth. Acacia cupularis is reinstated. All species, except A. ampliceps Maslin and A. salicina Lindl., are illustrated.