A taxonomic revision of Thryptomene section Thryptomene (Myrtaceae)

A revision of Thryptomene Endl. sect. Thryptomene is presented covering the nine species now included, with distribution maps and a key for all species and illustrations of selected taxa. Five new species and a new subspecies are described. These are Thryptomene australis subsp. brachyandra Rye & Trudgen, T. costata Rye & Trudgen, T. eremaea Rye & Trudgen, T. duplicata Rye & Trudgen, T. salina Rye & Trudgen and T. striata Rye & Trudgen. Thryptomene johnsonii F. Muell. is reinstated, T. prolifera Turcz. is reduced to a synonym of T. mucronulata Turcz., and a lectotype is selected for T. dielsiana E. Pritz., which is another synonym of T. mucronulata.