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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Ficus carpentariensis - a new sandpaper fig for northern Australia and a revision of the F. opposita complex (Moraceae: Ficus subg. Ficus sect. Sycidium informal group F. copiosa)

The Ficus opposita Miq. complex is revised. Four taxa in three species are recognized, F. opposita from Queensland and Papua New Guinea, Ficus aculeata Miq. with two varieties, one, var. aculeata occurring across the tropical north of Australia, the other, var. indecora (Miq.) D.J. Dixon restricted to the Northern Territory and Western Australia. A new species Ficus carpentariensis D.J. Dixon which is endemic to the Northern Territory is described. A key to identification is provided along with distribution and habitat and typification notes. Type material has been lectotypified where necessary.