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Search the Flora of Western Australia using extra name and descriptive fields not available through Quick Search (at the top right of screen). The database contains over 25,160 records of name and descriptive information on the state’s flora — including many lichens, bryophytes, algae and fungi.

Alternatively, you can browse the taxonomic hierarchy for information on plant families, genera and species.

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News item thumbnail September Plant of the Month: Boronia megastigma
2 Sep 2019

Boronia megastigma (Scented Boronia) is a slender, erect shrub growing to 2m high.

News item thumbnail August Plant of the Month: Burchardia rosea
1 Aug 2019

Burchardia rosea is a low, cormous, tuberous, perennial herb, growing to a height of 20–50 cm, with 4–5 basal strap-like leaves.

News item thumbnail New to Nuytsia
30 Jul 2019

Another series of Nuytsia (volume 30) papers were published online today recognising new species in Styphelia, Elionurus and Banksia along with a key to species in the genus Thomasia.