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Terms: Genus: aglaothamnion

Callithamniaceae Kütz.
Phycol.General. 370 (1843)
Aglaothamnion Feldm.-Maz.
Rech.Céram.Médit. 451 (1941)
Aglaothamnion cordatum (Børgesen) Feldm.-Maz.
Rech.Céram.Médit. 459 (1941)
Aglaothamnion endostolon Huisman
Algae of Australia: Marine Benthic Algae of North-western Australia, 2. Red Algae 359-361, Fig. 103E-I (2018)
Aglaothamnion tenuissimum (Bonnem.) Feldm.-Maz.
Rech.Céram.Médit. 469 (1941)

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