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Terms: Genus: apium

Apiaceae Lindl.
Intr.Nat.Syst.Bot. Ed. 2, 21 (1836)
Apium L.
Sp.Pl. 2:264 (1753)
Apium annuum P.S.Short
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 1:230-233 (1979)
Apium graveolens L.
Wild Celery; Sp.Pl. 264 (1753)
Apium prostratum Vent.
Sea Celery; Jard.Malmaison 2:81 (1804)
Apium prostratum subsp. phillipii Keighery
W.Austral.Naturalist 31:134-136, Fig. 1c (2020)
Apium prostratum subsp. Porongurup Range (G.J. Keighery 8631)
Apium prostratum Vent. subsp. prostratum
Apium prostratum subsp. prostratum var. filiforme (A.Rich.) Kirk
Stud.Fl.New Zealand 196 (1899)
Apium prostratum Vent. subsp. prostratum var. prostratum
Sea Celery;

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