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Terms: Genus: crassula

Crassulaceae J.St.-Hil.
Expos.Fam.Nat. 2:123 (1805)
Crassula L.
Sp.Pl. 2:282 (1753)
Crassula alata (Viv.) A.Berger
Engler & Prantl, Nat.Pflanzenfam. Edn. 2, 18a:389 (1930)
Crassula alata (Viv.) A.Berger var. alata
Crassula closiana (Gay) Reiche
Fl.Chile 2:369 (1898)
Crassula colligata Toelken
S.Austral.Naturalist 76:6-7 (2002)
Crassula colligata subsp. lamprosperma Toelken
S.Austral.Naturalist 76:9,Figs 1H-K (2002)
Crassula colorata (Nees) Ostenf.
Dense Stonecrop; Dansk Bot.Ark. 2:45 (1918)
Crassula colorata var. acuminata (Reader) Toelken
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 6:195 (1983)
Crassula colorata (Nees) Ostenf. var. colorata
Crassula colorata var. miriamae (Ostenf.) Toelken
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 3:81 (1981)
Crassula colorata var. miriamiae (Ostenf.) Toelken
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 3:81 (1981)
Crassula colorata var. tuberculata Toelken
J.Adelaide Bot.Gard. 3:81-82 (1981)
Crassula decumbens Thunb.
Rufous Stonecrop; Prodr.Pl.Cap. 54 (1794)
Crassula decumbens Thunb. var. decumbens
Crassula decumbens subsp. macrantha (Hook.f.) Toelken ms
Crassula exserta (Reader) Ostenf.
Dansk Bot.Ark. 2:47 (1918)
Crassula extrorsa Toelken
S.Austral.Naturalist 76:10,Fig.2 (2002)
Crassula glomerata P.J.Bergius
Descr.Pl.Cap. 85-86 (1767)
Crassula helmsii (Kirk) Cockayne
Swamp Crassula; Trans.& Proc.New Zealand Inst. 39:349 (1907)
Crassula intricata (Nees) Ostenf.

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